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The Ethnic Schools Association of Queensland (ESAQ) Inc is a non-profit, community-based, public organisation whose members provide after-hours language and cultural education for all students, irrespective of their ethnic background. ESAQ has members from different language groups, and liaises with Community Languages Australia (CLA) on behalf of the After Hours Ethnic Schooling Program (AHES).

Community Languages Australia (CLA) advocates for the AHES Program at the national level. It is made up of representatives from all states and works closely with the Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Australia (AFESA). ESAQ provides ongoing representation on behalf of ethnic schooling Programs in Queensland through its affiliation with CLA.

The AHES Program is a cost effective government and community partnership, and the ethnic language provider's multicultural activities assist in developing a network within the ethnic communities, which provides an interface for closer integration with the wider community.