Global Schools Film Competition

The Global schools film competition 2016 is organised by the Department of Education and Training (DET) for students from state schools and After Hours Ethnic Schools (AHES).

The film competition:

  • makes language study relevant and exciting for students.
  • provides an opportunity for students to use their language to communicate for a purpose.
  • showcases students’ teamwork and media abilities.


The competition has two categories for primary and secondary students.

  • Primary students produce a digital presentation entitled ‘Hanging out with friends’. This could be set in any context where students interact with friends – real, virtual or entirely imaginary.
  • Secondary students produce a digital presentation entitled ‘Talking to you about…’ This could be set in any context with a clearly-focused topic which must be added to the title e.g. Talking to you about happiness.


  • Students work in teams of no more than 5 to develop a multimedia product on the topic.
  • The student product must use the language taught at your AHES (NOT English).
  • The product is to be no longer than 2 minutes viewing time.
  • Teachers may supervise but should have no substantial input to the content.
  • Entrants must have permission to use copyright material such as images and music.
  • Students are to include a credits page acknowledging team members (first names only) and their roles, as well as owners of all digital resources used. This page may be in English.



  • Prizes include five iPads for the school of the winning entry, and one iPad mini per team member (up to five) for students of the winning and runner-up teams in primary and secondary school categories.
  • Other quality entries may be awarded Certificates of Commendation.
  • All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.
  • Please register your school’s intention to enter by emailing re Global schools film competition entry. State the name of your school, how many teams may enter and the details of a contact person. This does not place your school under any obligation to enter.
  • For more information, please , read Terms and Conditions, or if you have any enquiries contact the aboce email address.

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